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Updated: Jan 29, 2020

How fitness can swing the game in your favour

You have the best clubs, the best golf coach and play at the best greens. You walk, you swing, you putt, and you do it all over again in an effort to better your game. But your golf game isn’t always a reflection of how hard you practice or how often you play. Sometimes your game is only as good as what your body will let you do. That’s where you bring in your secret weapon: Fitness.

Professional golfers today are far more athletic than they were a decade ago. That’s probably because they’ve discovered the multiple ways physical conditioning benefits their technique and talent.

Golfers in good shape will hit further and more accurately than their more laid-back counterparts. They get injured less frequently and enjoy their game far more. A golfer will invest in the best equipment for his or her game, but wielding those clubs with precision and finesse is a function of hip and shoulder mobility, core stability, physical strength and flexibility.

Whether you play for pleasure or professionally, whether you’re getting started at retirement, or are a veteran teenager, being fit will help you get more out of your golf game than you imagined.

Fitness for the Golfer

Your golf game will require you to have a very specific kind of fitness focus. Fitness for the golfer isn’t about bulking up or adding mass. In fact this could be counter-productive.

A golfer’s fitness regimen should have 3 clear components:

Static and Dynamic Stability training:

This type of training is designed to improve your brain muscle communication, so your body learns how and when to move as it needs. It also improves your golfing posture, flexibility and functional strength.

Strength training:

As your stability and flexibility improves, you need to start focusing on strength. During the course of the game, fatigue sets in and compromises motor coordination. A great strength-training program will give you more energy and staying power in the game. And it reduce the possibility of injury.

Multi-Plan Power Training:

Golf is a game with multi-dimensional movement. Your fitness program should be multi dimensional as well. This kind of training will work on improving various elements of your game such as how far you hit and how well you swing by optimising the way your body moves.

Golf is a very individual game, and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to training your body to play a better game of golf.

Before you embark upon a fitness regimen, talk to a good sports trainer. A specialised trainer will help assess your strengths and areas of improvement, and prescribe a training program that will make you more athletic, flexible and functionally strong. He or she will also be able to work with you on how to improve key aspects of your game, by adding a punch of fitness to your technique.

Happy golfing!

Rakhi Swales (Yoga instructor and Brand Manager, Fitness First India)

Exercises provided by: Deepak Rawat (National Fitness Manager, Fitness First India)

This was originally printed as an article in the Delhi Golf Club magazine.

Resources: Golf Condition - PTontheNet

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