Off-market property alerts

As a buyer, I want to have access to properties (that match what I'm looking for) before other buyers. 

The Challenge

Off-market means many things in the property market (not for sale, off the market, sold by private treaty, awaiting listing, etc.) 


For Domain users, 'off-market properties' is a new feature that notifies them about properties matching their search criteria, before they're listed. 

I wrote most of the UX copy for the off-market property flows, including onboarding, alert emails, FAQs and notifications. 

Off-market was initially named Early Access, but user research showed that users didn't understand or resonate with the name. We also tested off-market properties and pre-market properties, with off-market edging out the other as the most preferred name for the feature. 

Further testing helped refine the flow to include FAQs, tooltips, the inclusion of property details from earlier sales and also informed the language we used. 

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