Home Loans

As part of Domain's brand refresh, we overhauled the appearance and language of emails for the Domain Home Loans brand.​

Early results have] shown a significant increase in both open and clickthrough rates. The first send of the new and improved emails saw +65% improvement in clickthroughs. 




We altered the copy to reflect the action the user was taking rather than to suggest there was something 'wrong with the copy.

In our first iteration, users were abandoning their effort to report issues because they didn't want to leave their contact details. Users also didn't want to be 'spammed' with emails updating them about the issue. 

We revised the flow to let users report listings without having to give their contact details. The 'thank you' screen was updated to reflect that action was being taken and that leaving contact details was optional. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-29 at 7.39.45 pm.png