Hi, I’m Rakhi. I’ve trodden an unconventional path into the worlds of fitness, wellness and beauty.


A long (and fun) career as an advertising writer brought me to fitness marketing, which in turn lead me down a yogic path, from where I stumbled into makeup.


YOGA: My goal as a yoga teacher is to make yoga more accessible to everybody and every body. Yoga is incredibly powerful and I'm inspired by the transformations my clients have undergone as a result of regular practice. I coach classes at the Fitness First India clubs, specialising in TRX (suspension) Yoga.

MAKEUP: My approach to makeup is to learn about the person I’m working with – their personality and a little of what lies beneath the surface – and make those defining characteristics shine through. (Read about how and why I become a makeup artist).

In my spare time I love to cook (check out my Food page for my latest experiments). I also enjoy watching live sports and listening to music records with my husband, and chasing my dog Bundle around trying to get her to pose for photos for her Instagram.

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© 2018 Rakhi Swales

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